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Financial Literacy Workshop

This 5-hour workshop will teach you the A to Z of Financial Literacy, as you will be introduced to key words, concepts and strategies.

Here is a list of topics we will cover:

1.  Why Financial Literacy?

2.  Budgeting

3.  Managing The Cost of Living

 - Be a Smart Consumer

  - Needs and Wants


Participant Handbook

Follow you instructor through a step by step power point presentation and answer questions in your hand book.

List of topics continued...

4.  Credit & Debt Management

5.  Savings & Investing

6.  Financial Planning


Gain Knowledge - Elevate My Financial IQ

We would like you leave this workshop, armed with knowledge and the confidence of making the right financial decisions. However, if you do need a 2nd opinion, we're here to help!

List of topics continued...

7.  Protecting Yourself

8.  Fraud

9.  Avoiding Scams

Learning Modules



The course covers opening a bank account, managing that account and ensuring it balances every month.

Money Management


Budgeting and Money management go hand in hand and starts with creatign a list of every single income source and evety single expense.

Credit & Debt Management


Credit is good, as long as you learn to manage debt and pay off your balances every month.

It's easy to get carried away with credit, however, the test lies in being able to afford the item your 'charging'.

Financial Planning


A Comprehensive Financial Plan consist of 6 steps. We are encouraging our members to create their own financial plan, using Manage Your Money and having an experienced advisor analyze the report.



Use the Insurance Needs Analysis sector of the Manage Your Money software and calculate the the penny the level of coverage and whats being paid off and replaced.

Savings & Investments


We have to start early! A little today, will grow into a lot in the future, as long as you invest in the vehicle of choice.

A licensed advisor will go over the A to Z of investing and savings.

Financial Literacy Video Series: Video #1:

Financial Literacy Overview

Video #2: how do i prepare a budget?

How Do I Prepare A Budget?

Video #3: How Do I Live Within My Means?

How Do I Live Within My Means?

Video #4: Understand Credit

Understand Credit

Video #5: Dealing With Debt

Dealing With Debt

Video #6: Savings and Investing

Savings and Investing

Video # 7: Do You Have A Financial Plan?

Do You Have A Financial Plan?

Video #8: How To protect Yourself From Financial Fraud

How To protect Yourself From Financial Fraud

Video #9: Workshop Tips

Workshop Tips

Learning Modules



As much as there are good honest professionals with their clients best interest at heart, so too are crooks, who are constantly looking for ways to scam you. 

Never give out your credit card to anyone at the door or on the phone!

Mortgages & Loans


Unless your name is Rockefeller, you will need a mortgage from your bank or trust company to provide you with the money to purchase your home.

Not all mortgage s are created equal, so please do your homework or trust the folks at The Money Cafe to help you. 

Retirement & Pensions


There are quite a few funding vehicles for planning your retirement, including the recently launched TFSA.

If your company provides a pension ad you purchase RRSP's annually, make sure you do not over over your contribution limit.



They say there are 2 things in life you cannot avoid; Death and Taxes..

Yes, we will die one day, however, we pay taxes every single day without missing a beat.

At work we pay income taxes, at the grocery we're paying taxes, to pump gas, were paying taxes.

Our recommendation, please engage with an accountant who has years of experience and knows the Canada Tax Act pretty well.



Generally speaking, being organized is the 1st step towards running a business, filing your annual taxes on time and will also prevent you from paying penalties and fees if you miss key payment or filing organization is the key.

Rights & Responsibilities


Both Professionals and Consumers have rights within employment agreements, time-sensitive contracts and or any transaction which may infringe on your rights and responsibilities.

Did you know, effectively immediately, no longer can a door to door salesperson be allowed to knock on your door for any heating or air condition services...

Know your rights!

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Good Luck - Happy Learning

Our goal is crystal clear! Our mandate is to elevate your financial intelligence quotient!


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