Elevate Your Financial Intelligence Quotient (FIQ)

How Do We Elevate Your Financial IQ? Welcome to Financial Education 101


  • You must possess a willingness to learn + a willingness to allocate adequate time
  • You must be willing to take action; information which isn't acted upon is useless
  • You must be willing to accept instructions and direction
  • You need to allow ' positive criticism' - sometimes the  truth hurts BUT, with us, its just TOUGH LOVE.
  • You need to review & study objective & unbiased financial articles and guides. 
  • The Money Cafe has provided you with multiple educational modules to help you better understand financial planning terminology, including the Canadian Government course on Financial Literacy

Your 30 Day Habit Forming Plan


Your 30 day Plan:

According to a Consumer Report: It takes 

30 days of continuous action to formulate a habit; 

How? By repeating Disciplined Actions every 

single day for 30 days…

  • 1. What financial goals & objectives do you want to achieve?
  • 2. How do you plan to achieve your goals and objectives?
  • 3. How many hours a day do you plan to devote to your action plan?
  • 4. After receiving this knowledge, what do you plan to do with it?
  • 5. After accomplishing your goals (whatever they are) how do you plan to give back? 
  • If you have not yet realized, The Money Cafe™ is all about giving back! You can satisfy a 'man/woman’s' hunger by offering them a scrumptious fish dinner; or you can teach them how to fish; so that, they will also have a continous stream of fish for the balance of their lives.
  • Allow The Money Cafe’s™ Financial Coaches, to provide you with the skills to successful fishing, so that, when it's your turn to give back, you too will teach some else to fish.

Wealth Management Resources


  • You now have access to our entire database of articles, learning modules, manuals, guides; these resources are FREE and they're all waiting to be accessed by you.
  • Did you know ONLY 5% of Canadians have a structured and written Financial Plan?
  • Let me ask you something, do you think you can build a house without the engineer’s blueprints? Of course Not...
  • Do you think the Ministry of Transportation can build an off ramp to the 401, without a plan? Of Course Not…
  • So why are you moving thru life without a financial plan outlining your personal money map?
  • Now, there are no more excuses, as a member of The Money Cafe™, you will be provided with ALL the tools, software and arsenal of white-paper resources, to ELEVATE YOUR FINANCIAL IQ.
  • You now have to take your newly found education and apply it to your personal financial life
  • The Money Cafe™ ONLY wants what's best for you; Happy Planning!

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