Life Insurance

Without a doubt; the most often asked question in the Life Insurance sector is, how much should I be insured for...

Our simple answer: Depends on your objectives...

Our software answers the two most frequently asked question, they are;

a) What percentage of my income do I want to replace when i die?

b) What percentage of my debt or liabilities do I want to pay off when I die?

Answer these questions and you're off to the races...



Do you know why you're saving or investing? Seems like rhetorical question, however, if you do not have a specific target, you will be saving/investing without a true cause...

Are you saving to create a nest-egg at retirement? 

Are you saving/investing for your children's post-secondary education?

Are you saving to purchase a cottage?

Regardless of your investment objectives, we have the formula to get you over the finish line and if, you're going to be 'short' we will give you, to the penny, your solution...



It's a fact, both death and taxation are inevitable and are going to happen! 

We have already addressed death ad its counter measures, however, are you taking full advantage of Canada's tax savings incentives?

Are you maxing your RRSP contributions?

Are you contributing to your company Pension Plan?

Have you explored, a TFSA and it's integration withing your investment objectives...

Financial Consumer Agency of Canada Video Series

Video #1: Don't Let Your Finances Surprise You...

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Video # 4: Understand PIN Protection

Video #5: Understanding Cash Advances...

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Types of Insurance

Term Life


As the name implies, Term Insurance covers the insured for a specific period of time.

Currently, we have Term-1, T-5, T-10, T-15, T-20,T- 65, and T-100.

Which term to choose? Depends on your budget and income replacement objectives and an FFP of  The Money Cafe can help you filter your options..

Universal Life


Universal Life or as it's commonly called 'UL' has a specific application...

What application? It's FLEXIBILITY.

UL's have probably been the #1 choice for advisors and clients, as you can customize your Life Insurance policy...

UL's allows for premium flexibility, investment flexibility, allows riders, can insure children and you can eve miss a payment, knows as 'deposit holiday'.

Whole Life


Whole Life is a set it and forget it, Life Insurance policy.

Whole Life, removes the guessing of your internal returns, as what you see on the illustration is what you will receive.

Whole Life policies can also be paid up in a relatively short term, does accommodate riders, however, one of the 'niche' features, is the ability to trigger purchasing addition coverage form the onset...



Disability Insurance has been the 'forgotten' problem solver and as much this is a 'live-pay' type product, you must qualify, financially as well as medically...

Business Owners can also purchase disability coverage which can cover rent, utilities, admins salary, plus much, much more...

Critical Illness


Often called, the 'selfish' solution, why, it pays a tax-free benefit at the onset of 26+ life threatening illnesses, roughly 30 days after the onset of the disability.

Today's coverage are more flexible, including a return of premium, at a later date in your life...

A licensed advisor can do a deep dive and explain the options...

Long-Term Care


Just like it's cousin 'disability', Long term Care Insurance is becoming more ad more of a necessity, rather than a luxury for our parents and grandparents.

Lets face it, retirement homes are not cheap and can be devastating on the family's budget.

Do your parent and grandparents a favour and find out more...

Avoiding Pitfalls

Make The Right Insurance Decision

As much as you cannot simply 'send back to the manufacturer' your life insurance policy, know your options, have your licensed advisor go over ALL options and lastly, you much create an INA...

Avoid RRSP Mistakes

Mistakes such as:

1. Not, Investing in your RRSP account

2. Not, choosing the right investment firm

3. Not, choosing the right investment mix

4. Not, completing a Risk Analysis

5. Not, tempted to withdraw before age 65 (or your retirement age)

Understand Investment Styles

No one retirement product is the same! Let's simply put this point out there...

I've often heard the phrase, 'everyone wants a gourmet meal on a fast food budget'...

You 'may' want fantastic returns and believe us, there are products which may return 20% a year, BUT it is not consistent.

Secondly, what you want and what your risk profile says can be night and day.

Please take the time and go thru available investment choices before investing and if you need a 2nd opinion, The Money cafe is here..

Case Studies



Bob and Mary, both age 45 have been approached by a local Life Agent, who has made the case for protecting you and your family...(coming soon)


Bill and Henry have been investing on a monthly basis, taking full advantage of dollar cost averaging...(coming soon)


No one told Sally to start investing early for her retirement and she snow 50, what can she do?...(coming soon)


Ever since their children were born, Peter and Cathy have been taking their child tax credit cheques and depositing them in a checking/savings bank account, unaware of the CEGS...(coming soon)


Amanda's company does not have a Pension nor a Group RRSP and was told one is coming...

When it finally arrives, she understands she needs to put away $200 a month, however, her employer is also matching her contribution, but the investment choices are questionable...(coming soon)

Commonly Asked Questions

We will list 10 15 - 20 Commonly Asked Questions and as new ones arise, will be adding them, for your benefit...(coming soon)

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